December 1, 2011

{Winter} White Done Right!!

That's what I think about this Aspen home, Photographed by Francois Halard, featured in Vogue. I love that dark wall (be it charcoal or black), how it anchors the entire floor, and "hides" a fireplace.

What a cool mix of furniture; mid century modern with large comfy sofas... ready to curl up with a fur throw, a cup of hot chocolate and stunning views! And the natural light... WOW!
Also, notice the vaulted barrel ceiling. Kept natural it warms up the space and sets the tone for the color pallet!

Yes, please, I would like an invite!! Is that a vintage photograph of a ski slope? Very cool!
...and mis-matched bedside lamps, that just makes the space more interesting, I think.

On a side note; A while back I was watching a show about a (show) home in Vermont, where the designer explained, that she tried to always pick artwork from the surrounding area when furnishing a home. Local artists, local scenery etc, and that kind of stuck with me, it makes a lot of sense...

Can you imagine? Hot tea, Chocolate or Glogg... whatever you fancy apres ski! I am so happy the railing is kept in glass so not to disrupt the view! Even sitting down on the low furniture, the surrounding mountains are still "on display". The fact that the furniture is kept in the same color scheme outside, is very well thought through, keeps the cohesiveness of this amazing home intact!

Let's go skiing!

All images by Francois Halard for Vogue.


  1. i'm REALLY thinking i may want to invest into a ski home - this is so grand!

  2. Amazing.. Unreal..
    I want to go now!
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. Wow!!! I wouldn't mind having a vacay here, that's for sure...wishing you a lovely day! Xoxoxo

  4. Omg that house is amazing, loving the color scheme!! ....and now I wanna go skiing too !! XX

  5. OMG how gorgeous! I love the crisp simplicity and THAT view!

    What a place!!

    Hope you are well.

    x Charlotta
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