December 7, 2011

White Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever noticed how difficult pure white Christmas ornaments are to find??

When I spotted these, I just had to share! Last December I had a lot of color in my Holiday Posts, but for some reason I am seeking out the monochromatic scheme this year.... for now at least!

With so many, many choices in Christmas decor, and when pretty much anything is OK, what do you do then? Stick with tradition, create your own tradition, shake things up, or?? Have you picked a color scheme?
I have, for a few years now, been picking up vintage mercury glass ornaments (all silver), in the hopes of creating an icy look. Last year I added a purple (a couple different shades for depth) and the year before that I mixed in turquoise... I like to change it up a little, what about you??


Images via Bo Bedre


  1. These are lovely Natasha! I have some beautiful white ornaments that I love. Some years I mix them with some non-traditional colours and other years just silver :)

    Abbey x

  2. I like anything that sparkles, usualy silver and blue. This year I'm swithing to silver and red.


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