December 26, 2011

Butterfly World

It is no secret that traveling will inspire you, just as much as recharge your batteries. I find that if you keep your eyes open, inspiration comes to you!
Check out this "great wall" of China....

Let me explain; The owner of this condo lives in Norway, but the inspiration for this amazing art installation comes from a visit to the Phillip Starck designed restaurant Papillon in Shanghai, China. Upon returning to Norway, he set out to recreate this amazing art installation, and what a great job!

All these amazing butterflies are from China - hence the "great wall of China" reference above... but you probably already figured that out :) There are 200 frames, and it must have been a great math problem, figuring out the exact measurements of the frames and the spacing... I'm just saying...
What do you think? Pretty cool, huh? Can you imagine having this installation in your home? I am mesmerized... loving the modern atmosphere and cool colors to off set this somewhat busy nature wall!!

... and this image really just made it into the post 'cause I like the kitchen / dining area with the open fireplace :)

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Images by Yvonne Wihelmsen, Styling by Tone Kroken for Bonytt

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  1. After living in Europe for six years I am sure all the travelling influences every aspect of my life - a holiday is the perfect source of a bit of fresh inspiration. Love the butterfly wall - what a great talking point!


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