December 22, 2011

The First Tree....

In keeping with the theme of all my Christmas posts this year, I am sharing my very first Christmas tree with you today! Keeping the decorations to a single color, and the eye moving by varying the size of the ornaments, as well as the shapes and textures, keeps this tree high on my list :)

Ohhh... and how about that huge wreath?
Two more days to go people! The excitement is building, can you feel it?? 

PS. Did you check out my Christmas Guest post over here


  1. I adore your Christmas Tree.. and your coffee table..:-) Next year, the kids are getting there own tree to get put their homemade and found ornaments on. I need get me stylish tree..:-)

  2. That tree is amazing Natasha! Have a wonderful Christmas :)

    Abbey x


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