December 2, 2011


It's finally Friday... and what a week it has been! I can not wait for the weekend to begin, exciting things are happening, more on that later.

Does this image look familiar to you? Well, if you are a returning Northern Light reader, it should, but if you are new - Welcome - it's an image that has been a part of my blog header for a little while now... and I still love it!

Have you started wondering what these images have got to do with each other yet?
Or no? Hmm... Actually, nothing! They have a common color scheme, that's about it, I just thought they would be kind of cheery and a good way to end the week!

These Christmas ornaments mark the first holiday image for the Northern Light Blog this year, now the flood gates have been opened ;) I tried, I really did, to keep all the Christmas stuff under wraps for as long as I could, but since it is officially December, I think I am safe....

Rambling a little today? Sorry about that!
Have a great weekend!!


Image #1 via Flex Indretning, Image #2 via the Northern Light Blog Header, Image #3 via Randi Brookman Harris

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