December 13, 2011

Too Pretty!

... make that Too Pretty not to re-blog :) !
This image was spotted here, and I just had to borrow, as I love EVERYTHING about this foyer!!

And yes, I know, it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but I just squeezed it in anyway!

Have a beautiful day!

Image via Gild & Grace


  1. Yes it's definitely worth squeezing in Natasha! Have a great day :)

    Abbey x

  2. I love Black & White decor..very Scandinavian..makes it look so elegant, clean and luxurious ! xo

  3. Natasha..your not wrong..far to pretty to not share...LOVE the huge mirror.
    Come enter my LDA giveaway..lots of pretty coloured prints that Im sure you will love ; ) x


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