December 14, 2011

Green Christmas!

I had to do a double take, when I first spotted these Christmas images (over here, and subsequently here), as I am a big fan of Hydrangeas, and what a perfect way to incorporate them into the Christmas decor????

Don't you just love how the colors are kept cool, modern and monochromatic? The Parrot Tulips mixed with the white Hydrangeas and all the greenery on the mantle, makes for a wonderful Green Christmas! I am inspired by the use of ornaments, and will probably take the advice of the Holiday Guide, and stock up AFTER the Holidays for next years decorations! (Read; BIG savings on Christmas ornaments)!!

Design Editor Emily Ruddo is responsible for the festive styling, and she gets my vote for preppy & green!!

Look!!! PERFECT buffet table.... I am totally digging the use of muted colors, and love how a little blue has been added to the mix! I say start using what you have around the house for props, I am guessing those props already are in your favorite colors, so it will probably mix well with your Christmas decor, as we never stray very far, do we?? Well, I don't anyway :) Keeping the bigger serving pieces white, makes the food you serve pop, and let's the Christmas decorations be the highlight!

What colors are you using this year??

Images via Toujoursmag, Holiday Guide


  1. This is heavenly. So fresh and crisp, simple and chic. Love it.

  2. That mantle is perfect! I love the neutral backdrop with just a hint of sparkle and glam. Gorgeous!

    x Charlotta


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