December 11, 2012

Natural Christmas...

While so many of you have been posting the most beautiful Christmas decorations out there in Blog Land already, I am lacking a little... I have been looking at all the beautiful images, and feeling a little inspired... SO, here are a few Natural - and super easy DIY - Christmas decorations.

I am all about candle light, especially around the Holidays, when it gets darker outside early! This DIY candle holder looks so pretty, don't you think??

What is your take on colored candles?? Typically I like all white ones, but I would make an exception for these!! Such a pretty and simple Advent display.

Oh, I am all over this Christmas tree :) LOVE!! This is the kind of Christmas Tree I grew up with... Simple, open and with live candles on the tree. 

One of the first Christmases here in The States I ordered a metal bucket from Martha Stewart, complete with a stand that fit inside, the edge was scalloped. It was so pretty! I actually still have the bucket, but the stand is long gone, so I can't use it anymore, unfortunately...

What do you use? Traditional stand and skirt? Bucket, or??


Images via Pinterest


  1. Så ljuvliga julbilder! Här ligger snön vit på marken och det känns verkligen som en riktig jul.
    Kram Anita

  2. I love this natural Christmas look. We have an artificial tree, I do have a skirt but this year the kids set up a circular train track under the tree. Not much room left for presents. Happy holidays!

  3. So beautiful pictures! But I do not have any lottery at my blog så I guess that the google translator made some bad translations:-)
    Anyway, I recognized some of my photos and I am thankful that you mentioned from where you borrowed it. Thanks!
    Have a great day /Liv

  4. Wow,It really looking great.I like this type of simple decoration for the Christmas.I like this blog.Thanx to give new idea for the Christmas decorations. Happy Holidays!


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