December 26, 2012

Work in Progress!

Just wanted to share a little bit of a project that I am knee deep in. My client has a small kitchen in an old house, where every single wall is un-even, and so is the ceiling by the way... We are optimizing the counter space, brightening up the space and adding some super lux elements!

The image above is part of our inspiration board, and we are not deviating far from this! Simple & clean, beautiful & light filled, with a pop of orange! Cheerful, don't you think?? The client already has a couple of bar stools, so they have been sent out to be sprayed Tangy Orange, can't wait to see them!

Unfortunately we do not have soaring ceilings in this home, but in attempt to brighten things up, painting the walls a crisp white, has already done a lot for the space!! The light for the kitchen has been selected, and looks like this Alexa Hampton fixture. We love the Van Cleef Clover reference :)

Currently I am looking for the perfect light fixture above the dining room table, I am really liking this one (above)!! What is your take on the rough wood farmhouse table and this lantern? Keep in mind we have Orange as an accent color...

Did you know that I, from time to time, post project images on the Northern Light Facebook Page? If you would like to way in, ad a comment or simply follow along from a far, be sure to LIKE the page!


Images via Pinterest

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  1. Love both kitchens - fresh, bright & uplifting! I just got back from holidays so thanks for your Christmas greetings Natasha - hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year!



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