December 3, 2012

Opening the Box...

I am sure many of you already have the tree trimmed, baked the cookies and have the gifts wrapped and ready to go, right? Right...? 
Well, around here I have just started to open the boxes with the Christmas decor!

We have decided NOT to do a tree this year, as we are both pretty busy and feel we don't really have the time to truly enjoy it... That being said, don't for a minute think there will be no Christmas decor in the house, I can't wait to decorate!!

There are so many ways to spruce up the house & to show off all those pretty ornaments!!
I like to pile them on a platter, perhaps a few different shapes and muted colors together, as above, but you can also try filling a beautiful glass bowl. Why not incorporate a few tea lights to make the ornaments glisten? I am all about live candles, especially when it gets dark outside early.

What colors will you be decorating with this year? Or are you "one of those" ;) people who pile it all on the tree; new and old, theme-y or not, heirlooms & gifts?? Do tell!
So much fun to see & hear how people decorate their Christmas trees!!


All images via Tusenfrojd


  1. Just got our tree up this weekend. I started out with all white & clear...snowflakes & glass... but the girls chimed in & thought it needed a little pops of pink were added. I'm sure I'll be posting pics soon. Visit me sometime, Happy December & happy decorating! Love the images!

  2. I've started decorating our home for the holidays. I've chosen silver and white, but I'll add a bit of green apple color too. It takes several days for me to be completely satisfied haha! hope you have a wonderful weekend, darling! xo


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