December 10, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

So nice to start the day with a glossy!! ... and even better when it's a brand new Lonny :)

Imagine my surprise when I turned to page 38 and found the beautiful spread "Great Dane" on Marianne Brandi and Keld Mikkelsen, the duo behind the Danish fashion brand DAY.

I have blogged about their apartment in Copenhagen here, their (previous?) house  on Fyn here, as well as their amazing vacation villa on St. Barts here, so I guess it's fair to say I LOVE their style :)

Check out those beautiful black, matte, parquet floors.... LOVE!!!!
With all the natural light shining through the windows, this really grounds the space! 
I could go on and on about my observations, but I will just let you enjoy all the images - there are more in the new Lonny - and just let you know once again, that I am a fan!!

The private rooms are all kept light and bright, as you will see below.

Have a wonderful start to the week!!

All images by Gaelle Le Boulicaut, via Lonny Magazine 


  1. Stunning images. Thanks for the sneak peek - I soo look forward to sitting down to read it properly.

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  2. omg this is to die natasha!!!!! i would love to showcase this on my blog. i LOVE it. xoxo cindy


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