December 16, 2012

Sunday Reading

Don't you just love to see how the other half lives... or entertains??

I have been drooling over this colorful book, Soiree, this Sunday, and I am so inspired to whip up a dinner party! Right now, right here... the ideas and the inspirations are endless!!

Danielle Rollins is the author and creator of the most amazing dinner parties, luncheons and uber chic pick nicks featured in this book. The books cover and the above image are from the A Spring Lunch feature, and not only photographed to show off all the fabulous colors, but also complete with recipes, tips and images of an amazing garden.

This book has it all...
Invitations, Recipes, Styling Tips, Floral Design, Music Selections and fantastic photography! There is even a fantastic Resource section that I can't wait to dive into :)

Really, "all I want for Christmas" right this moment is an endless supply cabinet, filled to the brim with plates in different colors and patterns, silver wear, table cloths and napkins in a rainbow of colors.
Pretty please :)

The Author Danielle Rollins, as featured in An Afternoon Tea. This story is right up my alley, complete with hot pink Hydrangeas, Peonies and everything pink and preppy :)

I can see myself whipping up this Chocolate Mousse at the next Soiree at my house!

Ok, so calling the dinners held here at my house Soirees is a little much, I know.. 
Perhaps this will be for New Years, looks festive right?

Happy Party Season!!

All images from Soiree, by Danielle Rollins.

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  1. This looks like my sort of thing Natasha! Will have to get my hands on a copy. I had a couple of 'soirees' at my place over the weekend, complete with hydrangeas and cute coloured bits and pieces! Lots of fun :)

    Abbey x


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