December 23, 2012

Sunday Flowers; A Hidden Treasure.

Step inside to one of "my" hidden treasure; WEEKS
You know, one of those small family owned shops you just love to pop into from time to time, and quite frankly don't want to share with anyone else ;) Well, I have decided to share with all of you, near and far, so get ready, you will want to come visit, I promise!!

The place is owned by Ron, who has been in business for close to 40 years, starting in the Orange Groves of Florida, but for the past many years he has been in Delray Beach, on the East side.

One of my favorite flowers are Orchids, pretty much any kind of Orchid, and while I don't know the names of all of them by any means, I truly appreciate the many different varieties available at Weeks!!

As intriguing as Lady Slipper Orchids are, this is the one that eludes me... as in will-not-grow-for-me, don't know why?

Beautiful and cheerful Ground Orchids, these you see quite often here in Florida.

Totally love the spray of vibrant color, LOVE the lime green lanterns, SO festive!! 

I had too... sneak in an image of these bright Lime Hydrangeas, they light up a dark corner. 

I see this variety of berries in bouquets all the time, but I actually do not know the name, do you?? 

More than a few times I have made references here on the blog about Anemones, specifically this white and black version, and look... a whole bucket full :) And tell me, how many indoor / outdoor floral shops have cool worn rugs, covering the pavers??

I could just run away with this bucket of incredible white Peonies!  

... and check out this super cool, yellow Spider Orchid! Looks almost pre-historic, the edges all curled up, the white stripes, the long "antennas", this one I had not seen before. 

When I arrived in Florida quite a while back, I grew this kind of orchid... 
Still love the vibrant purple!!

So as you can see, there are plenty of varieties to pick from! I didn't snap any images in their gift shop, but believe you me, it's amazing! You need a hostess gift, go there! You need a cool bowl, go there... Coral and shells are a plenty (we are in Florida after all) and one thing that - oddly - makes me return is Tim's Preserve... Black Raspberry, seedless :). Tim works at Weeks, super helpful, and I am told he makes the Preserves on his farm in Pennsylvania. 
It's good! Really Good!!

Now that I have enticed you I am sorry to say... there is no website, no FB page, no blog. 
I am told Ron doesn't even have a cell phone. You will just have to visit next time you are in town!


760 SE 5th Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida



All images by NHH for the Northern Light Blog. If you borrow, please link back!!


  1. It seems to be a great place, with so many beautiful flowers!

  2. wish you a super christmas too! An no worries about DIB - I'm looking forward to it :)


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