September 14, 2013

Baby Shower!

Today is the day!! 

Sharing with you all, for the first time, that we are expecting a baby girl in early November :) and today is the very first celebration, a baby shower hosted by my dear friend AGE! 
Inspiration for the shower via this gallery...

I am not big on games and gadgets, so I respectfully asked that non of the traditional themes be "used"!! 

I have been SOOOOOO looking forward to just getting "the girls" together, for me that was the most important aspect. I asked another dear friend CHB to bring her camera, so I will have some wonderful images to keep, and possibly share with you.

So, for now, this little bit of private information is all you get :) .... it might also explain why I have been posting so infrequently for a few months, just needed to wrap my head around what was happening; New baby on the way, work, play, future etc. etc. etc.

I will do my very best not to turn this into a Mommy & Me blog, that does not mean you won't see an occasional cute baby pic or two, so bear with me as I learn to balance everything to the best of my ability.... 


Images via style me pretty

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