September 7, 2013

Picture Book for Grownups

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do?? It's like an ever evolving mood board, a Picture Book for Grownups :) 

I use Pinterest almost every day; for remembering an idea, to pin an amazing photograph, for color inspiration... anything that inspirers me at any give moment. I have the app on my phone as well, so it makes the pinning even easier! I have boards set up for Projects I am currently working on, or that I have completed.

Just yesterday I did a few image additions to the Northern Light sidebar, check out the Right Side of the Blog, below my Daily Inspiration Tab (Blog roll). You can now click on any of the boards and you will be taken directly to Northern Light Design on Pinterest for even more goodies! Sign up, follow along, pick your favorite board, or follow them all... many more than I have displayed on the side!!

Are you a pin-head? Should I follow you? Leave me your link :)

Image screen shot by NHH for the Northern Light Blog


  1. I also love pinterst! So much inspiration there. Have a nice evening! Xx Nilla

  2. Jag har precis startat min sida. Men den kommer säkert att byggas på. Du får gärna följa. Kram

    1. hej, jeg vil gaa paa Pinterest og finde dig :) TAK

  3. Oh yes, I am addicted... ;-)

  4. I'm a total addict! Check me out...I've got LOTS of boards and lots of followers!

  5. I love Pinterest and as a matter of fact I I'd it backwards, I found your blog from your Pinterest! And just from your screenshot above I see at 1 pin in common, those beautiful green glazed tiles. I enjoy your pins immensely!


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