September 4, 2013

The Meaning of Home

I just pre-ordered the new book, by Million Dollar Decorator, Jeffrey Alan Marks and I can hardly wait to have it in my hands!! The Meaning of Home is due out in a few days...

While we all await the arrival, I will share a few images the home JAM shares with his partner Ross Cassidy, via Domaine Home (LOVE that site, by the way!).

In the interview Domaine Home did with the two designers, one comment that struck me as funny, but spot on (perhaps because it would be something I would do...?) was Ross mentioning that...

 “Jeffrey likes to stack books for color, not content,” Ross Cassidy tells us of his fiancé. Cassidy teases: “Okay, you just happen to be reading four perfectly sea foam green and celadon books.”

Yes....? That could happen :) It happens in my house all the time!!! (revisit the first image)

What attracts me to their home are all the soothing colors; the sage greens, the lavender , the blues, the greys and all the natural textures! CAN NOT WAIT to study the book !!


All images via Domaine Home

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  1. Gostei dos tons suaves de azuis, belas imagens!

    Denise -


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