March 11, 2010

Kitchen Countdown

I have been looking at cabinets, knobs, counters, colors, appliances, lighting etc, etc, etc for what seem like an eternity. And now our new kitchen is only a week away from being started! YEAH!

The inspiration for our kitchen is the image above. Our kitchen is small, there will be no room for a farmhouse sink.... I am not 100% on the knobs yet either; while I like these old (?) knobs used in this kitchen, I am not sure about the oxidized brass knobs with the chrome faucet. I do not think I am brave enough to install brass fixtures, while my eye is getting used to the warmth of brass, so far I have only been able to find a new brass fixture, and I am afraid of it looking too "shine-y gold" meets disco meets.... you get the picture!

We are also the proud owners of a bay window, while very small, it lets in a lot of light, and the cats love sitting in the window, watching the world (of lizards) go by.... I have decided to install a window seat, for them and for me ;) + the extra storage is needed!

...I have 1/10 of the space of this window seat, but it's nice to dream!

I keep telling myself to stay calm, as I know it will be bad before it will be beautiful!
Right? Right??


Image #1 from my files, Image #2 Marley&Lockyer, Image #3 Coastal Living


  1. Your new kitchen sounds lovely and you will have a window seat! It sounds so cosy and inviting. Just keep reminding yourself that it will be all worth it! You will love it. Have a great weekend! xx

  2. So true Natasha...Renovations always look worse before they are better. Thank you so much for posting that pic of my book...I am most touched. Have a very happy weekend, xv.

  3. Oh, that really sounds great, albeit not the knobs, I agree. And I like your small niche for the cats and yourself. love, niels

  4. Lovely pics! White and crispy!
    Good luck whith your kitchen! We have black "bänkskivor i granit" in the kitchen like the kitchen on the pictur, I like them alot! Very "praktiskt"!
    Have a lovely saturday!

  5. Such beautiful images. We renovated last summer. Just remember blue skies follow gray ones! It will soon be over and you'll be so happy. Happy Weekend!


  6. Thank you all, for the encouragement, I am looking forward to the final product, but scared to see what's hiding behind the stove.... ;)

  7. Mmm I love that kitchen, will be saving that pic. We are about to build a new house and that is what I was thinking for the kitchen...thank you.


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