March 22, 2010

I spy....

... soft linen colored pillar candles!

While out shopping for knobs for our new kitchen, I came upon this color candle. Normally I go for white candles, or a soft blue-ish green (Cucumber sent) from Restoration Hardware.

The above image is from French Essence, by Vicki Archer. I just loved the book, and I am so inspired (read; jealous) of her beautiful life in St. Remy-de-Provence!

And guess what? I was (and I still am!!!) super excited when Vicki Archer left a comment on my tiny little blog! How super cool is that?? I aspire to be as well written, as she is.
If you are not familiar with her books, you should be! ;)
If you can not get your hand on them, check out her fantastic blog here!

Can't wait to light my new candles!


1 comment:

  1. The candles are beautiful and so is the image. I am also a big fan of Vicki. She is so lovely and talented! xx


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