March 23, 2010

Texture Snapshot

Found this image via Fric & Frac the other day.
While that post was on something entirely different,
I am sharing this image solely on the basis of the great composition and texture!

Of couse I love the pink cherry blossoms on the branches, the shell (or is it coral?) and the open weave basket....

What do you think? Do you decorate small areas in your house, make vignettes?

I have a friend (hi MB) that, just like I do, have a "supply cabinet". In fact she has told me that when building her house, a decision to move the a/c unit out into the garage was made, so to make room for the said supplies. When attending functions at her house, I always wondered how it often looked different... until she showed me her "stash"!

In real estate the slogan goes something like "location, location...", well, how about "rotation, rotation", when dealing with interiors? A great way to make what you already own look new again!!

Now, I do not have a lot of storage in my little home, but with my new kitchen comes an additional row of three, double cabinets. I am looking forward to unpacking boxes from the attic, and starting the vignettes!

Happy decorating!


Image #1 Fric&Frac Image #2 Victoria Hagan Via Marley&Lockyer

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