March 2, 2010

I spy....

... Butterflies.

How pretty are these?
All hand painted by non other than the fabulous Lulu Dekwiatkowski.

I am so excited to share this blog with you. I stumbled upon Trail of Inspiration, via the Shelter. I had no idea Lulu was writing a blog and I am looking forward to follow her and the creative process. I understand Lulu hand paints all her motifs, nothing is done on the computer. Such talent!!

In the end of '09 I went to an event here, the draw for me was the fact that their pattern designers were on hand. They had a table set up, paint ready and came up with great motifs right then and there! It was so cool to see and made me want to get out my paint brush.

In design school, I dreaded having to get up on a Monday morning, really early, to be in school on time for the Media Class. How could I spend four hours painting?? Well, now that it's over, that is the singular most fantastic class, I SO enjoyed the time painting, it's so calming and peace full. Interestingly enough, in the age of technology and the many super talented designers out there doing their thing on the computer, I was the only one in my graduating class who turned out a hand painted Thesis Project. As stress full as it was, I loved rendering it the most!

Happy painting!


Image #1, 2 & 3 Trail of Inspiration

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