March 16, 2010

White done right!

OK, so I don't even know where to start.

As you may know by viewing older posts that I have done, I do like the crisp combination of black and white. I prefer an all white room, with black accents, and I must admit, I love everything about this particular room.


Light is such an important factor, and here there is so much of it. The black furniture grounds the room perfectly, love that it's glossy, so to reflect the light and not appear heavy!

White (denim ?) slip covered cushions, the zebra upholstered ottoman, ads a bit of flair and extra seating. Great size for the artwork, very simple and clean.... great pops of color, moving the eye from the flowers, to the books back to the blanket.

Now, can we discuss the Hermes blankets?

The first initial of my last name is H, that should entitle me to one blanket! The first initial of my married last name is H, that takes care of the second blanket!!!

I have long had my eye on the Avalon blanket from Hermes, but I am in no position to be spending that kind of money, however - perhaps - one day I will be the happy owner of one of these fabulous blankets...but until then, I will continue to spot them a mile away!!!
(Never mind that 11 months of the year it's so hot here in Florida, that this blanket would just be eye candy... does that really matter?)


Image here


  1. Beautiful room, I love the black and white combination. I like your logic regarding the blanket. Works for me! xx

  2. The room is absolutly fab!
    Regarding the blanket...
    One must belong to me thoug my name is...

  3. You've convinced me - you need these blankets! Leigh

  4. The blanket is gorgeous but I LOVE more or less everything from Hermès...


  5. omg. You are in my head. That is so my dream colour combo living room!


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