March 4, 2010

House Love

A long while ago I saved this image in my files, those mirrors..... and of cause I just adore the white interior, punctuated by the back. (I suspect many of you recognise this image, though I do not recall where I got it from.) Turns out a little research - and luck - revealed that they are mahogany and they are from Sweden.

The owners of this Hudson River Valley home are Martina Arfwidson and David Weiss. Martina is the FACE behind this label, and David is a restaurant owner and a chef.

Typical Swedish bench, most of the ones I have seen, have actually been painted.... the seat opens up and storage is available below.

Beautifully simple !

OK, so the dog is cute, look how he is looking at you and paying attention :), but what I really love about this room is the fantastic light that is streaming thru the windows. Very calming and serene.

Meals with family and friends are enjoyed outside, over looking the Hudson River Valley.
What a view!... and look, even the deck has been painted white, how chic.

I came across this house tour (here) and I encourage you to check it out, you will not be disappointed, I promise! This house, the adjoining building and the location just can not be beat....

Happy Friday,

Images (most) from MS Living.

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