January 30, 2011

A is for Art &...Charisma


WOW, right??

This huge work of art by Lars Thygesen, certainly makes a statement, don't you think... and then to know that on the opposite wall, you find the artwork below, gutsy and not for everyone!! But, isn't that the point of art? On top of that, the building housing all this color and excitement, is an old rail road station from 1865!! The couple living here are behind the Danish auction house Lauritz.com.
Color, art and interesting collections are what they are all about, can you tell?

Just before Christmas I received the second Visit Visit book, Kunst & Karisma, by Iben & Niels Ahlberg. I have been through the book several times, and each time my eye gravitates to a different interior, all in all eight VERY different homes, filled to the brim with art and self expression!

In writing this book review, I have been given access to never before published images (web), furnished by the authors of the book, for which I am grateful, Thank You!

The basis for this house is an all white and black interior, (I am sure, as a reader of Northern Light, you are well aware I have a fondness of this combo) but with Pops of Neon color, scattered throughout... All starting with the LED light behind the hood in the kitchen... it changes color, and dictates the rest of the color scheme in the house!

While the owners of this house have impeccable taste when it comes to fashion (they own their own stores) they have worked with a design duo (Design By Us), to pull the interior together! Feminine floral, Neon, Pop art and classic furniture melt together in a very interesting mix!!

Not my first choice.... but why not have a little fun in the bedroom? Hmmm..... ;)

Living with what you like and what speaks to you, really is essential and that's what this book is all about; Personal Art Collections!!

All featured homeowners are in some way or another "in the arts", be it furniture, fashion or floral... all very exciting and it is such a treat to be able to see "how the other side lives"!

Meet Signe Boegelund-Jensen, a Haute Couture designer. Africa is where she grew up, Copenhagen is where she lives and John Galliano is where she honed her skills!
Signe's story is very interesting and her home is a studio in white and light spaces... keeping the focus on her creations! Actually, not only does she create couture, she also created this "Cup of Cream" hanging chair....

With an eye for detail, it's no surprise that the dark, glossy, coffee colored floors are authentic to the building (of 1908) as is the tall white paneling. Signe's fashion even makes it into the kitchen, I guess it's difficult to only be creative in one room ;)!
How fun would it be to explore in this apartment??

A few posts back (here) I shared with you a house filled with Multi Cultural accessories, owned by the design duo behind Day Birger et Mikkelsen / DAY Home... and I am sure some of the inspiration for the decor in this house (owned by Lars & Camilla Wiberg) came from DAY, as Lars used to work at DAY, as Sales Manager.

Above a glimpse of the kitchen, filled with art and artifacts, this is no longer "just" a kitchen, but a gathering space! (Aren't all kitchens at some point??)

Imagine this room with light colored walls, now renovated and painted a beautiful dark grey, showing off all the different travel goodies, mixing all sorts of periods, making it all work! LOVE this room!!

I spy a Sea fan! ... I know, I know, you are probably sick of these by now ;)
A collection of perfume bottles and other curiosities are kept close together on a glass tray, a powerful statement, a small piece of art in itself, great impact as a group!!
There is strength in numbers.

Love of interesting materials and objects carry over to Camilla's store Pour Quoi, making the shopping experience even more unique.

Contemporary Bungalow; probably my favorite home  featured in this new book...

Meet Chresten Rud, owner of "Couch by C", Furniture and Interior. With a trained eye for style and quality, his house is filled with perfectly scaled furniture, calm colors, an interesting mix of objects. An impressive collection of Black and White photographs by Joergen Angel, Bent Rej ("Rolling Stones In Concert", below) and others are displayed through out the house.

Perhaps my favorite image from the Kunst & Karisma book, this nook from Chresten's home! Love the light (great photography), love the over sized lamp, love the color of the silk shade, love the white chaise, love the kelim pillow and the Missoni throw as well as the B/W photography!

In the other end of the large living room, one huge piece of furniture dominates, without overpowering the room!! Colors are keep neutral and warm, art is not just hung on the wall, but also on display on the Italian coffee table, in the window sills and in the rest of the home. It's clear that Chresten is a frequent traveler, and brings with him artifacts from other cultures. The colors in the home are kept to a minimum, playing up texture instead, making for a calm space! I would love to be a guest here, learning the story behind some of the pieces...

Last but not least, one image from a really cool home, which I will let you explore in the book, on your own....
My thought was this: Why does art have to hang on the wall or be propped on a shelf? Why not do it like this? Perfect for a casual summer house, or any other relaxed space for that matter.
Great idea, great use of color, great use of antique objects!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, the photographs are wonderful, and the differences in all these homes makes it interesting! There is something for everyone, the common thread is Art, all different kinds of art, keeping you engaged till the last page!

Of course I can't show you all the homes, so I encourage you to check out the book! The cover of the book, along with the image above, is by Contemporary Thai artist Attasit Pokpong, you can read more about him and his artwork here, a post I did a little while back.

Visit Visit Kunst & Karisma (Art & Charisma) can be purchased here in Danish, and an English insert is available though the Visit Visit website. If you spot an item in the book, you would like for yourself, access to an address list can be found here. Very cool, I must say, making art and artifacts available to all of us! The team behind the book, Iben & Niels Ahlberg, have a website, check that out here. And for all of you FB people, you can follow along here. Why not "Like" Northern Light Blog on FB, while you are there??

Still not satisfied? Check out the Visit Visit Nordisk Eksotisk post I wrote here!
(The first book in the series) Now I am left wondering what the next book in the series will be about, any guesses?


All image by Iben & Niels Ahlberg.
Open book image by NHH for Northern Light Blog.


  1. love love love all things here,
    inspiring me a lot!!!

  2. Thank you for the introduction to this book, Natasha. I love the spaces you have shown here - the book looks fabulous. Have a great week.


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