November 30, 2011

Swans Island Blanket!

Look no further than Maine for your next, all organic, wool blanket! I stumpled upon these beautiful blankets via Elle Decor, and had to dig a little deeper.

For those of us that require a little color there are plenty to choose from, even several different weaves of thickness! While I admittedly love color, I also really appreciate the coolness of light greys, the richness of charcoal and the casual beauty of indigo.

Swans Island Blankets are certified organic, the sheep are living on an island of the coast of Maine, the wool is spun in Vermont and the blankets are woven the traditional way - by hand - in Maine. The history behind The Swans Island Blanket is quite interesting, hope you have the time to check it out (here)!!

Once you see their vast collection, I am sure one of these babies will be on your wish list for Christmas!! I think the White w/ Indigo Stripes or the White w/Teal stripes, from the Summer Blanket collection, would be a wonderful addition to our home ;)

Stay warm!

All images via Swans Island Blankets

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