November 27, 2011

Art work

Inspired by this great photograph of peeling paint, framed and positioned above a bed, acting as a giant headboard, I went searching for a version of this for a client...

The only request was to incorporate blue, so this was my first choice. I really like how the small areas of ocher show through, yet the overall feel of the piece is still "blue"!

This was my second choice...
The room has bamboo flooring, but otherwise its white, our accent will be pulled from the artwork. What do you think??


Image #1 unknown, sorry. Image #2 & #3 via a trade resource, email me for info if interested.


  1. I like the way the second one also looks a bit like a map - it makes you want to look twice to see what it is. I'd probably prefer it in a bedroom because the palette is calmer.

  2. Wow...I love all three of these images. They make me want to try my own peeled paint or cracked artwork!

  3. lovely
    I love textures like that!

  4. I think that these are absolutely fabulous and VERY unique. I would LOVE to know how you did this, any hints would be gratefully appreciated. I am trying to do some cool things in my beach house bedroom and am stuck. A piece of art such as this would be perfect.Is it a photograph blown up?


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