November 7, 2011

Bang & Thy; Fall Mood.

Walking the streets of Aarhus, Denmark, I came upon Bang & Thy. This burst of lime green against the black wood, made me stop and take a closer look!

A floral shop... an inviting space to explore.
Super cool floral arrangements, plants and... well, you"ll see...

I spent a good amount of time wandering, looking at everything. There were flowers I had not seen in a long time (remember, I now live in a tropical climate), branches with fall leaves and berries, even a fountain with cream colored floating roses.

In the back of the store a display fit for fall. Dark grey candles flickering, fall berries and vegetables used for display, probably for sale, I'm not quite sure...

The inner sanctum; A dark corner with dark walls, a beautiful old mirror propped up against the wall. A large old birdcage with a couple of real live lovebirds! A zinc box and dried hydrangea wreaths complete the display.

... and what do you do when there are not a lot of flowers around and the creative juices are still flowing? Use what you have!! Interesting, no?

Of course there were beautiful roses, lillies and other blooms, even decorative grasses. The entire shop was such a fantastic place to wander through, so inspirational and eye opening. I love the use of fur, unexpected in a space like this (at least I think so).

While my images are a bit on the dark and mysterious side, there were pops of vibrant fall color throughout, my favorite being this glass cylinder!!
FAN.TAS.TIC! Don't you think? So simple, so beautiful!!

These images were taken on my second visit to the store. I asked to photograph in there, but was not immediately granted permission. I came back a second time, met the owner, Dean, and after talking with him for a little while he agreed to let me photograph. I was told someone had taken images in his store without his consent, and subsequently sold those images, featuring his work... Not cool!

Check out the Bang & Thy website here, though nothing beats a visit to this interesting and ever changing universe!


All Images NHH for the Northern Light Blog


  1. Love the fountain with the creamy roses! I'd add few candles in I think :) Gorgeous plants <3 much love, Xo

    - Urska @

  2. Gorgeous - if I had a florist shop I'd want it to look like this.

  3. I love florists - especially ones with a creative edge!
    Melissah from Scrapbook


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