November 3, 2011

Color, color, color!

I just can't help it....
These flowers make me smile :)

The vase is super pretty, it's from the new Summer vignette by Anna Spiro, but unfortunately for me (and you) it's already purchased by some lucky person...

You can check out her new Christmas shopping story here. I really like Anna's concept, it's like shopping in the store (well, I actually haven't been, as I live on the other side of the world...) only this is for the world wide audience I imagine she has captured via her Absolutely Beautiful Things blog, with which I am sure you are familiar...? You should be! Check that out here if you are a newbie... :)

Have a fun Friday!

Image here


  1. What a beautiful vase! Ah, lucky the one who owns it now... We need to find some other colorful vases to put our hands on ;) Xoo

    - Urska @ Live.Create.Inspire

  2. Those flowers makes me smile too :)
    xx Marie

  3. You're right Natasha, Anna is continually pushing the boundary and never ceases to amaze! I loved that vase too and of course the pretty posy inside xx

  4. These are so bright and fun Natasha! I'm a big Anna fan too :)

    Abbey x


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