November 14, 2011

Monday morning quiet time!

Continuing the "theme" of my last post; A bowl of Cafe au Lait and breakfast starts the morning off on a good note!

While technically this is a "day off" from work, I have a busy day ahead of me:

- Meeting with a client this morning; A European Girl having a difficult time with the scale of furniture in her new US home... Some homes here are excessively grand, and can be difficult to furnish.
- Lunch with a friend and a newly graduated Interior Design student, for a little guidance.(I'm flattered, I must say!!)
- And then onto another meeting with a potential new client. Not quite sure what to expect, I only know that this is a second home. Busy, busy, busy...!


Image via Dreamy Whites

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  1. Sounds like you need a good kick start to get your through a busy day!
    PS I have always liked your blog header & design - stylish & simple!


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