November 3, 2011

A Comfortable Event...

I was lucky to be invited to an event at a furniture store the other evening, hosted by Bob Williams of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. The event was put on to introduce the concept of semi-custom design for MG + BW, where the client / designer picks the furniture piece and then has 117 upholstery fabrics to choose from... Good luck with that one! :)

Their latest book, The Comfortable Home, was a "take-home" gift, graciously signed by both (Yeah!). I have in my collection their first book, and now I can ad this one... :)

I enjoyed meeting Bob Williams, even posed for a photo with him.
... unfortunately that will not be shown here, as it is a really bad image of moi :(

The evening was spent listening to BW talk about their new designs, new fabrics, how the company was started, all the names they had before landing the obvious one;
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams...
At the end a Q & A session was opened to the floor and I just had to ask about what inspires BW. He listed; Travel, Old movies, Hotel Restaurants, Advertising and Antiques. In fact a new sofa has just been introduced at High Point with ties to an antique. And in London, a while back, the inspiration for their Chesterfield (above) was "sourced". BW talked about how the company is working on being more environmentally friendly, how the foam in their cushions is water based, the wood for the frames come from controlled forestry and their fabrics have become more durable and stain resistant. Overall a nice introduction to the MG + BW furniture brand.

Bob Williams could not have been nicer, I enjoyed meeting him. Did you know he started out as a graphic designer and "fell" into furniture design?


Images via MG + BW


  1. I like a sofa I can curl my feet up in. Also arm rests that support one for reading. Looks like you had fun!

  2. Looks like you had a great time Natasha! K xx


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