November 28, 2011

Seeing Red!

Seeing red is not all that usual for me... Red is not a color I have in my home, and often red leaves me a bit unsure! I can appreciate the color when used by fantastic decorates, such as Kathryn M. Ireland and others.... plus I have yet to work with a client who has their heart set on red :)

Since I have been on a hunt for great artwork for a few different clients, what I noticed first in this bedroom, decorated by Kathryn M. Ireland, was the great Oberto Gili photograph above the bed. Yes, there is a whole lot going on here; patterns and colors all over the place, great texture and lots of different things to look at, all the different cultural elements... still the photograph is what captured my eye!

I remember seeing this image in Elle Decor a while back, so I went searching again... Casually propped against the wall, it makes a great impact in an office space. (Notice that it is upside down, if there ever was a correct way to hang this piece?)

... and if you should want your own Oberto Gili flower photograph, check out Nathan Turners shop on 1st dibs. Remember... stop and smell the roses! (ok, so I am almost sure this is actually a poppy?)
Have a fun week!


Image #1 Kathryn M. Ireland, Image #2 Elle Decor, Image #3 1st dibs

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  1. I can feel a rush of energy while looking at these pictures.



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