July 29, 2010

Brownie points!

How to do Brown in your home without it looking heavy and old....
Here are a few suggestions for different rooms in your home, let me know which one is your favorite!

Entryway; Some hallway table.... plenty of room for the keys and the mail! Check out the beautifully carved legs, they give life to the table, and moves your eye from the floor to the top of the ornate mirror. You do not even notice that there is a lot "going on"....

Bedroom; Tufting the headboard adds visual interest to the bed. A plain brown headboard would have been borring!! The openwork in the nightstand and the delicate print on the awning, keeps the feeling light. This is layering at it's best, from the wood floor, to the rug, the bed linens...
This bedroom reads cozy to me, and not at all heavy!!

Is this one of the fanciest dog beds you have ever seen?
I say "go for it" if you have the space!!


Bathroom; What initially got me to look at this image was the floor tiles! So interesting!! (I am not familiar with the rest of the property, where this image came from, so I don't know if they are original to the house.... They could be, I guess!) The vanity is quite a heavy piece of furniture, and the thickness of the mirror frame suggests that this is a large room. I think the vanity balances out the pattern in the tile, and neither element takes over the room.
Kitchen: Earthy tones in an otherwise white kitchen, looks great to me! Love the texture of the chairs, and also the pendant lamp.... The darker brown color grounds this light and airy kitchen very well!!

Food: And while we are in the kitchen, why not stick to the theme? How absolutely delicious does this espresso and ice cream dessert look? Heck, I would have it for breakfast....

So tell me, is Brown a Go, or a No-Go?
Have a yummy day,


Image #1 & #3 via Flourish Design+Style, Image #2 ?, Image #4 via Flickr, Image #5 here, Image #6 Karen Modechai for MSL

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