July 5, 2010

Tulle in all sizes

I have a very dear friend, who from time to time invites me to the ballet. I have been fortunate to see the Miami City Ballet dance many times, and I must say I have loved all performances. (All but one actually, where we walked out on the last part....)

I have had this adorable image in my files for a very long time now, and who ever Vivianne is; You get an A for creativity in my book!! This would definitely catch my eye, walking down the street; very classy street poster!!!!

I can only imagine ....

Tulle for grown-ups!

I know this is a totally random post for the Northern Light blog, but as inspiration comes from everywhere, I figured I would share! Hope you got a kick out of these adorable images...


Image #1 BB8, Image #2 here, Image #3 Flickr, Image #4 Happy Day Blog, Image #5 Coco + Kelley, Image #6 Dust jacket Attic

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