July 19, 2010

(Summer) House Love

On the north coast of Sealand, in Denmark, you will find this quaint summer house. Originally an overgrown lot, with an old train cart, this spot has now been turned in to something of a wonderful summer retreat, complete with an out door kitchen, large deck for sunbathing and outdoor entertaining.... extending the living area of the house.

The homeowners have been thrifty when furnishing their little house. Some furniture has been inherited, other items are new, and yet others have found their way there via the curbside..... Pretty little nook by the kitchen for having your morning coffee.

Windows all around the dining area, lets the beautiful light come in. I am sure great conversations have been had here, long into the summer evenings!

Old bamboo chair with cushions make for a comfy reading spot! Love the old frames with botanical prints on the wall. So easy to do, and it keeps the place from looking too white (is there such a thing?).....

Full view of the living room. Couch is from Ikea, and covered with a floral blanket, and a lot of cushions.
Notice how the ceiling and the beams have been painted white, keeps the whole place light and airy, even considering the modest size of the summerhouse.

Clever way to display art, a vase or perhaps a beautiful rock from the beach.... the small ledge atop of the beadbord, that you see through out the whole house!

The main bedroom is facing north, keeping it cool in the summer heat! The light is slightly more blue.... Check out that pretty gilded mirror!

If you would like to view other Scandinavian summer houses, in remote locations, check out the My Scandinavian Retreat blog (here), I am sure you will enjoy the many different styles.

Is it vacation time soon.....? Feels like a long time ago when I was last away!!
What have you been doing this summer? Staycation or vacation? If you would like to win a little something, head on over to here, tell her all about it, and perhaps you could win!

Good Luck!


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  1. It's a beautiful place! I love everything white in here.

    This summer I am planning to go home visit my family. Hurray!


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