July 3, 2010

It's the Weekend...

Happy 4th of July weekend!

For everyone here in the states, this is a big holiday weekend; people leaving their jobs early on Friday, not to return until Tuesday, a long weekend get-away is what many plan for! I am sure coastal towns from Maine to The Hampton's to Miami Beach will be jam packed!!

The flag will flying high all over, parades & barbecues will be held and everyone will be enjoying the beautiful summer weather! I will be in town, relaxing.....

Happy 4th of July to all, and remember;
Thank all the men and women who make it possible...


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  1. From mrs. P: my roses are bigger and more colourful and smell heavenly thanks to a Swedish horse named 'Ronaldo' that visited us recently working in the forests. We got a lot of horseshit from him. Otherwise looking forward to see a super 'Northern Light' blogger
    in august.


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