July 29, 2010

Door # 330

What is behind door number 3? (ok, 330)?

This modern looking facade, clad in steel, is designed by architect Brian Murphy..... and now it's for sale. The house belong(ed?) to the recently deceased actor, Dennis Hopper.

It can be yours for a cool $6.245 million (That is in US Dollars my friends!!), but before you buy, check out the grounds and the interiors. You wont be disappointed, it's a very cool house; fantastic lighting throughout, great space for Hoppers large collection of art, as well as his choppers....

Gotta love all the cool surfaces, warmed up with the high wood beams and the oriental rugs throughout the house.... Check out the bath tub!

The property is in Venice, California, and on the grounds there are three guest houses, drawn up by non other than Frank Gehry.

I highly recommend taking a full tour of the house, as there are MANY more great images of this property! Check it out here. My suggestion; view in Full Screen mode!!

Have a dreamy day,

Image #2 here, All other Images here

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  1. What a lovely house :) I'm gonna take the full tour now!


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