July 18, 2010

Floral Shops

One of the stops I always do when traveling, be it in the US (Boston has great floral shops) or somewhere in Europe, is stopping at all the floral shops! I know it drives my relatives crazy; from time to time I even ask shop keepers if I can photograph in the store, and I know my sister (Hi Gugge!) gets embarrassed..... sorry!

But why let such beauty go un-noticed?

Lately I have been picking up roses in orange, but I have always loved the pink ones, and the white and cream ones, and.....

Look at all these beautiful shades of pink, how can you go wrong? Does it not just screem PARTY?
I would so love to have a reason to pick up this many roses at one time, but I am affraid in my little house it would be total overkill..........

And what about the drama here... all those tall black vases lets you concentrate on the beautiful blooms... which flower to pick?

I am not discriminating when it comes to flowers, even just one flower in a small bud vase makes my day!!
When in season, I tend to pick up hydrengas, but for everyday, I usually have a few orchids around the house. Not only is that the only plant my cats will not either dig up, or take bites of. And it seem to be the only "flavor" I don't kill right away! Actually.... They grow very happily here, and re-bloom often :)
What is your go-to flower? What do you often come home with from the market? Or if you have your own cutting garden, what do you grow? Do tell!!


Image #1 Windlost, Image #2 & #5 Housemartin, Image #3 Mimi Charmante, Image #4 Reggie Darling

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  1. Hello Natasha,
    What a pretty post, I'm happy you used one of my photos. I love visiting florists when traveling, too. Reggie


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