January 28, 2011

Are you ready for your Close-up?

I so wish I could say yes!!! My office looks nothing like this, but.... perhaps some day it will have a little bit of this cool factor!!

I really like this lucite tray, it is non obtrusive, yet it keeps things in order. I like using a box when working on a project, keeping the fabrics, paint chips, tiles etc in check this way! It works really well for me; it's easy to edit and if it growes on you, it's the right combo.... something that does not work with the project sticks out real fast, I promise!!

And she's ready for her close-up!!
How do you work a color scheme? Trays or boxes? Filing drawers? Or? Please share some wisdom, perhaps we can all learn some new tricks :)!!



Images via rue


  1. I love the branch on the wall. Its so sereen and lovely :)

  2. LOVE that chair!! Perfect color. And of course, anything in lucite strikes my fancy, too!

  3. Ohlala! I think I LOVE that gold branch!!



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