January 10, 2011

Shopping; Palm Beach Style

Let me introduce you to Island Home!

Island Home opened it's doors in 1999, and is an absolute MUST when visiting the island of Palm Beach!! Owned by Susan E. Palmer, a native Texan, she moved to Palm Beach in 1994 and brought with her the perfect Island flair!

What the store lacks in size, it makes up for in style and charm! There is absolutely anything, and everything, you could possibly want for your beach decor!

A few notables are the ever so delicate Bexley lamps, just inside the door. Fantastic - and majestic - shell mirrors, both real and faux, lets the sunlight shimmer around the store, catching all the glass hurricanes!

It's difficult to just have one favorite...

How about these linen Ankasa "tie-dye" pillows in the colors of the ocean?

Throughout the store are sea life images and artifacts. Leaning on shelves and ledges, hanging on the walls are real Sea fans, pressed between two pieces of glass and framed in metallic frames (acid washed silver). The Seafans have been dyed to a soft White, a Seafoam, a darker and more vibrant China Blue and Black. Remember to consider your wall color and wall texture before committing!!

Not everything in the store is white and blue, green creeps in and so does a little orange and some hot pink. Furniture is kept natural, some evoking driftwood in color, others a bit darker.

A collection of Seafoam candles, nestled together on a sea grass tray, completes the beachy look.

The girls at Island Home were so nice, very knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you to Patti (standing) for your hospitality, and for letting me photograph inside the store! Owner Susan Palmer, in white, to the right.

If you visit Palm Beach, check out the store. If you are drooling from a far, there is a website, but of cause it's not the same.... ;)


All images NHH for Northern Light Blog, except image #2 & #11 via Island Home website.


  1. Hello Lovely:

    I would like to give you the "Stylish Blogger Award" for your beautiful and so inspiring blog!

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  2. Oh! LOL! I forgot to check Global Atelier's nomination-list. You have a nomination from me also :)

    Congratulations for beeing one of mine nominees too! :)

    Thank you for everything you share on your blog.

  3. Just wanted to share a note from the owner of Island Home, Susan, with you all:

    Natasha....OMG! I never saw this email amongst the many other emails in my inbox. It's a rainy day in Palm Beach, the perfect day to clean out the mailbox, and I found your sweet email from January. I have turned into my mother!! She is always a month behind!

    Thank you for that beautiful write up on your blog. It makes me want to shop in Island Home! Thank you so much for your kind words. You made our day....even if we are a month late!


  4. Wow! I could spend hours in this store!

    1. Yep, it's a wonderful shop, and the good news - as of two days ago - they are moving to a large 3000 sq ft shop on Worth Avenue during this summer, can't wait!


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