January 13, 2011

An Award!!

Two in the same day, no less!!!!

It's actually a funny story....
I was contacted by Global Atelier, who left me a wonderful comment, and I was just super happy to be considered, no less selected....

Later in the same day (well, with the time difference is was actually the next day) I got an other nomination from Hello Hello Baby, same award!!  Really? Really??

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

Usually these things come with no strings attached, but there is a catch with this one. I must write 7 things about my self, as well as list 15 (!) new recipients of my choice, preferably new bloggers.... Well, here's where I get into trouble, you see, I "don't get out much", so for me to give you the names of a lot of little-known-blogs would be really hard! I will let you know, that Louise (Table Tonic author) down in Australia,  post a series called "Bookmark-worthy sites I (only) discovered this week", and usually there are "some good ones" in there..... ;)


Pour your self a cup of tea (or coffee, or a glass of wine....) and snuggle up, you are about to embark on a trip around the world!

I have compiled a short list of ten blogs that I would like to introduce you to. Undoubtedly some of you already know of these bloggers, but they all contribute, in their own way, to an inspiring daily read for me! I'm thinking I will come back to this post from time to time and "fill in the blanks" for the last five spots, OK?

In no particular order:

01. Scrapbook
02. Once.Daily.Chic
03. Ashlee Raubach
04. Line Thit Klein
05. Oeke design blog
06. bellaMUMMA
07. Peakock Feathers
08. Urban Style Vibes
09. Lovin That!
10. My Paradissi
(11-15 stay tuned)

A warm welcome to all my new readers and followers,
hope you have a wonderful day!


Image #2 unknown, sorry.


  1. Wow congratulations...what an honor!! Great for you...must be that new design and your wonderful postst. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes..

  2. Thank you, Dawn,
    Actually, the award was received before the redesign was finished, but I wanted to have the new blog design SHINE on it's own!! :)

  3. Oh, Natasha thank you so much!!! It is nice to find your blog too!
    World is full of coincidences and taking the award twice is really an honor! I received it from Liana of 'feel what I felt' a week ago and now from you! As you know every time is like the first time and a great opportunity to get to know each other! So thank you again =)
    Eleni of My Paradissi

  4. I love the interconnectedness of our lists. I was nominated by My Paradissi! I adore your new look on the blog!

  5. Thanks so much for the award! I'm thrilled. I love your new blog lay-out! Today I've posted my 7 things on www.urbanstylevibes.com


    Lise M.


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