January 13, 2011

Hall of Fame!

Great use of light and shadow, playing off the angles in the architecture! The antique frames with mirrors in different sizes, not only bounces the light around, but they also make the eye wander down the hall way, ultimately landing on the cabinet and the longhorn skull at the very end... Cool, huh?

How is this for a foyer? Welcome home!!

Love those tall, glossy, black doors with the round door knockers in the middle. Their circular handles echoing the door frame, the transom and the round hall table...
great eye for detail!!

This house is located in New Canaan, Connecticut.


Images via Cottages & Garden


  1. How I would love to build an entrance like that in my dreamhouse..... Off to by lottery tickets first thing tomorrow morning!

    And I love your new makeover om the blogg! Classy and nice :)

  2. Is that cabinet full of curiosities? Beautiful post....Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

  3. Stunning home. I love the lines on the ceiling. Can I please move in right now?

  4. I would love to share thees photos on my blog. Is it ok if i "borrow" them?

    God klem fra Malena :)

  5. What a wonderful entrance. Imagine opening the door to the pizza man in that house!!!

    AND .. what a lovely thing to give me the blogger award. You are too too nice. I will blog about my '7 things' on the weekend .. and find 15 new blogs to list.

    (ps. I liked your 'dont get out much' comment - gave me a jolly old giggle)

  6. Malena: No problem, just link back to me and we are good!

    Dawn: yes, it is indeed a cabinet of curiosities...
    They were a little "scary" for me to post, but look at the C & G site, you can see a closeup.



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