January 2, 2011

Interview: Line Thit Klein (I)

When on vacation this past fall, I came across some fantastic food images... I was curious to find out a little more about the photographer, and this led me to an interview with Line Thit Klein. I am absolutely sure you will love her work, but first let's get to know her!

Northern Light: I have been looking at your blog and your website. You cast a wide net; Food, Interiors, Fashion, Travel, Books and last but not least Photography. On a daily basis what inspires you?

Line Thit Klein: Actually blogging is a good way to be inspired. You stumble upon very creative people, beautiful ideas (and) passionate souls. Besides that, I have a very skilled assistant and we often have long creative talks in a visual world where there are no boundaries, and that really opens up to new thoughts.

NL: I noticed you have an inspiration board in your office, how often do you ad to that? Change it?

LTK: I don't really change it, by changing it all. (But) Everyday I find something interesting and (I) ad it, so it's constantly evolving. My mood board takes me in (a) new direction all the time, I need to be inspired on a daily basis.

NL: What made you fall in love with photography in the first place? Do you remember your first camera? The first time you thought about making photography your trade?

LTK: My dad introduced me to photography when I was quite young and I fell in love with some of his old B /W pictures. He was a skilled photographer in his young days and he gave me my first dark chamber when I was 14. That just did it for me. Our entire house was a mess filled with copies all over the place. I had an old Nikomat Camera, simple and beautiful. It's so fun to think about; so much has happened since. I have almost forgotten my early work...
When I left high school, I got a job at Denmark's largest paper and that kind of opened my eyes to the possibility that I could make a happy living out of it.

NL: If you were not "in the arts", where would you have ended up?

LTK: I think I would be quite unhappy. I really love my job and I believe I'm lucky to have such an all-around everyday life. It's fun to think about, because I can't imagine doing anything else. But, perhaps, (if) anything I would have a little flower shop, or an organic food shop, or something like that....

NL: I noticed on your blog that a little while back you picked up the Domino book. What is your take on American interiors?

LTK: I really like it, because it's so different from the typical northern simple living. In America everything is very fancy and extravagant, and I see the beauty in the difference between American and Scandinavian living. You show how lovely you live by having expensive pieces on display. In Scandinavia we also like expensive things - it just can't be obvious - very strange. Here we have a tendency to simplify everything and we are also a little scared of colors. I love Domino because it represents the complete opposite style.

NL: What does your home look like? Trendy, Nordic,

LTK: It's Nordic and a bit ethnic, with art and lots of cookbooks on the shelves. It's very HYGGELIGT (cozy) and with natural toned walls in grey, white and caramel.

NL: Are you adventurous? Food, clothes, travel etc?

LTK: Oh so much YES! I try not to repeat my experiences and try something new all the time (Travel). My hunger for food and new tastes is big and I don't want to miss out on anything, so I try to eat new things, but not snails or weird stuff.

NL: Free time... what is your favorite "free time" filled with?

LTK: If I had 2 hours free from the studio, I would turn off my phone, go to a nice cafe by the dock and have a good salad and do nothing. Besides that; big dinners with lots of friends, long walks and of course my family!

It's been such a pleasure getting to know Line Thit Klein, the women behind the camera, and I can't hardly wait to share Part II of the interview. Stay tuned, it will leave you drooling :) !!

In the meantime, check out Line's blog.
(find her in the blog roll to your right)


Interview by Natasha for Northern Light Blog
All images Line Thit Klein


  1. Great interview Natasha! Wishing you a happy and succesful New Year!


  2. Thank you, Mariska, hope you come back for the second part!!!


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