January 21, 2011


Actually, it's a funny story...

When selecting images for my new blog header, Shari (Little Blue Deer), used this image as the center image behind my logo, in one of her first layouts.... Well, as I told her, I will now let you in on why it didn't make the cut.

Looking at this image; It's pretty much got everything going for it! The light, the white, the black, a pop of color, a flower..... So why did it not make the cut you ask? Well, see that frame above the velvet covered chair to the right? It's such a small thing, really, but critters are not my thing-y!!

When visiting China a year and a half ago, we were in a rural part, out by the rice patties, with the water buffalo tied to a pole right there.... and inside the house (mind you there are no glass in the windows) were the biggest critters I have EVER seen. There was the biggest "walking stick" thing-y, I kid you not, it's a big as the one framed above..... (I took a picture as proof!!) It was sitting on the railing for a good day, leaving me stranded on the lower floors of the house... Go ahead, laugh out loud, it's ok! :)

And that's that, picture didn't make the cut ....
Do you have any critter stories you want to share? Do you have any framed critters??


Image via tumblr


  1. I'm crazy for your new look! I think it's fabulous. And no laughing here about stick critters... the header is great without him gracing it! Happy Friday sweets!! xo

  2. That is so funny - love your new look...fabulous!!

  3. I have always loved this photo but I agree with you - no critters thank you very much! Happy Weekend!

  4. Critters and me do not mix well!
    My story...as a newly wed in a new country (moved from New Zealand to Australia) I encountered my first Huntsman spider (search google images, I dare you!) while chatting on the phone to my mum. Suffice to say hubby was told to come home from work RIGHT NOW! and I spent the next 2 days in bed, yes DAYS!
    So definitely no laughing at you going on here.

  5. Angie... you got me BEAT!!!!!! I did look up the images, and I can not believe you had one in your house.... I would have freaked out!


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